review about Amazon affiliate program

no expensive E commerce shop, no customer support, no begging, even no product!!?

Hight quality traffic, targeted audience, generation leads, clean network to work on are strongly required.

one of the biggest and successful networks on the planet, everyday millions of product ready to be promoted, thousands of commissions are delivered daily to affiliate marketers, you need to be registered in Amazon firstly to get access to all amazon’s sections easily. you need also an account in amazon associates to get any product affiliate link on the platform.


sign up is an easy process, but should be done correctly to unlock all amazon’s section, after getting your AWS account just keep registering with the same email to avoid issues of validation process. your dashboard should look like this.

other information is required after you sign in to get full access you need tax information in your country for US resident and it’s facultative for non-US resident also you need to choose a payment method to receive commissions.

after completing registration process you should see Amazon main dashboard

how does it work??

depending you audience needs you will bring to them the right product to solve there problems, without having the product it self, your mission is to update their shopping list and save time for them.

high-quality traffic is strongly required in you network to promote product easily, targeting and segmenting tools are a must in affiliate marketing.

what you need to promote exactly is the latest discounts in today’s deal depending your audience needs you will choose a product from any section it all promotable.

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