3 steps to start a safe trading journey

Trading is the most profitable business figure nowadays, most risky as well.

to success in your daily trading you need specific skills and powers, you have to

  • make necessary long and short term researches before any transactions made, many investors lose money while they hope making it. in fact studying market sentiment and technical stuff will definitely ensure you a safe trading, and daily profitable trades as result.
  • update your knowledge daily, get in trusted resources to make your researches easy market are all time changing, it’s crucial for a trader to be always in touch with economical news and perturbations.
  • Capital management is the third most important factor to success in trading world, a well organized work schedule is the only key to handle long term trades and short as well, never invest all your funds in one place even you see huge profit, it’s not good practice at all, make sure to invest 10% max of total funds. do not trade all the day platforms have such algorithm able to track your transactions, if they realize you want to exploit the platform to earn fast, then they ban you or make you lose it’s as simple as that program yourself to trade several times in the day not continuously

most successful traders acquire a sixth sense able to track opportunities, feel and predict next move of the market, chart’s technical studies are mandatory for beginner traders and expert as well.

Publié par AHMED ALAMI

a young entrepreneur who just started an online business, excited about digital marketing and programming development, I am searching right now for new engagement and business associations, free to contact me for any assistance.

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