what business figure suits my goals?

did you knowyou can handle many business figures in the same time, thanks to AI revolution and how fast the servers has become, no more waiting for salary to be delivered, the information is more accessible than any time before, why focus on one project who can fail like any thing in this life?? after all only God is everlasting.

maybe you plan to save some income from your job, this is good but have you ever think that your discipline and hard work is not rewarded as expected? yes of courses, however you kill your self working to grow other’s income? in a word you are part from a successful passive income machine, this is why your not rewarded. this passive income is growing in order to create a new business figure, while the first is working independently but you still do the same hard work with the same salary, same time schedule, and guess what your are not the only one who can do those tasks, even if you walk away the task should be done no emotion is shown here, but what make this so hard to start a new figure, bring new workers for you and the most important keep a fair distribution of the benefit as well as the hard work, this is the right deal, to keep partners e satisfied and auto motivated. they will automatically bring new partners as a result, your passive incomes start to grow, I think this is the hidden secret of building a successful business figure.

any way what type of business garanteed this fair distribution of benefit ??

affiliate marketing

tow word for you online business, yes your online presence should earn you some incomes and why not build several figures bring partners or referrals to build their own business using your material and experience as well, there are many platforms out there, most of them have an affiliate program that allow you a invite friends or people from your network to work on the platform, this seem unfair but if you look close you will see how hard is convincing people to take a long term path, more your network is large and clean more you bring partners and referrals, it’s as simple as that, affiliate marketing is a great business figure that ensure you a good passive income source suitable for social people who connect people easily.


investing is the most profitable business in real world and virtual as well, as we know more profitable is logically more risky, a golden rule said never invest more than 6% on your total capital, if that’s make sense to you, then you should know that markets are very motional, its never obey mathematical rules, all is about researches and updates good investor have a sixth sense that intuit most profitable opportunities, he will never miss a good one, he well never risk himself or gimble with the main capital, he also think different every time the chart goes up or down. many platforms out there promise many options to choose from, but just few one garanteed the full potential of the market, so never work on one platform, trading ( options or crypto) is a profitable business figure that ensure you a safe finance zone to monetize other business figure tools.


one of the best domain to start right now, if you’re not yet in, programming is a must nowadays to be clear, developers have the highest annual salary than all business domain even governmental and Ministerial positions. still confused ?? you should be because people who start programming in and last few years are the masters of the world nowadays you can check my blog here about most Wealthy people and business leaders that change the digital world rules.

as conclusion

I know that no one will accept to be forced to do something, but earlier you begin earlier you realize that nothing is 100% free and easy, super hard work is strongly required to make the right research suiting your goals first, then take the action, Errors are the most important part of your journey, its allows you learn fast and minimize more damages, scams are a fact in digital world, no one is excluded, you should master what you do, researches are the key, deep focus on the project make it naturally successful.

more you study more you’re safe.

Publié par AHMED ALAMI

a young entrepreneur who just started an online business, excited about digital marketing and programming development, I am searching right now for new engagement and business associations, free to contact me for any assistance.

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